Old Time Utah Dances is dedicated to the preservation and revival of
traditional folk and social dances of Utah.

Old Time Utah Dances sponsors the following:

Old Time Utah Dances
Book and CD

Descriptions and Historical Background
As taught and compiled by

Laraine Miner
Michael Hamblin

CD recorded by Buckle Busters and Pattie Richards.

Utah orders: $25
Out-of-state orders: $23
including tax, shipping & handling

This book and CD were created for the purpose of stimulating a revival of these wonderful old traditional dances of early Utah, as well as to teach living history to children and adults in communities throughout Utah. These dances and their music have been collected and recorded over the past 30 years through the field research started by dance historian Laraine Miner. This product presents fifteen dances, including polkas, schottisches, waltzes, mixers and the Virginia reel. The Buckle Busters are a String Band performing the dance music with Pattie Richards, a traditional musician from the Uinta Basin, who learned this music playing for dances with her parents in the early 1900s.

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Old Time Utah Dances
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Or call: (801)974-5647 or e-mail lminer@xmission.com

Old Time Utah Dances
Teaching and Calling

These dances provide a complete living history immersion experience particularly suitable for fourth grade Utah history students. Laraine Miner is available for teaching and calling these dances for family reunions and church and community events. Live music provided by local traditional bands is highly recommended to create the most authentic and exciting atmosphere for these events.

Call: (801)974-5647 or e-mail lminer@xmission.com

Pioneer Christmas
A Time to Celebrate

This is a yearly performance by the Pioneer Heritage Company held on the first Saturday of December. It features primarily the authentic dances of the Mormon Pioneers, since this was their main way of celebrating this holiday.

This event is co-sponsored by and held in the LDS Museum of Church History and Art, across from Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT. It is a delightful family event with lots of audience participation, singing Christmas carols of the period, participating in parlor games, and having the children come up on stage to dance around the Christmas tree. Grand March, Money Musk, Waltz Quadrille and Sir Roger de Coverley are some of the dances presented. The final dance is a Virginia Reel with folks from the audience joining in.

Laraine Miner is the Dancing Mistress, and Clive Romney of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts provides live music for the dances and songs. Tickets may be obtained online through Temple Square Performances.

"There will be no singing or dancing in hell, so why imitate the hot place?"
-Brigham Young